Children and Youth Development Programme

The goal of this programme is to show love and care to the children and youth. The programme organises various activities for children such as Traditional dancing, Library and multimedia centre, Life skills, Homework supervision and guidance, Skills development, Art and culture, Psycho social support, Peer leadership, Health advice and support, and Sport activities and games including soccer matches, storytelling, group discussions, and provide refreshments and also distribute gift items where necessary. It will also aim at helping to develop the artistic skills of kids, detraumatize them, make them to think creatively, use their artistic talents to promote their integration into local communities, participating in decision making process, HIV/AIDS awareness, health and sanitation and make them responsible adults. Under the children’s program, the RCP will consider organising a Children’s Music Project in order to expose children’s talents. Organising Children’s Music Project will be a wonderful opportunity for refugee children and youth to experience self-expression and greater self-esteem. The Children Music Project will offer a unique way to children to communicate outside the boundaries of words and ideas. The Children’s Music Project’s mission is to support music and arts programs for children. We will provide both financial support and technical assistance in promotion, outreach and organizational development. We believe music programs offer opportunities for children to experience self-expression and develop self-confidence. We also believe the unique learning process contributes to increased skills for overall school curriculum.

The programme will also seek to conduct polling and publicising children’s views and developing publicly visible avenues of self-expression – such as arts, drama and music – which seek to promote refugee and migrant children and youth’s rights to speak out and participate. The programme also aims at realizing the idea of child participation and creates a more positive image of refugee and migrant children in their host countries, contributing to public advocacy efforts through exhibitions and performances.

Furthermore, RCP recognises that the voices of refugee and migrant children are often missing from dialogue on child rights in their host countries. They are rarely given the opportunity to articulate their ideas and concerns and, when they do, are often ignored. This programme plans to address this by sensitizing families, schools, communities and the media, authorities in their host countries regarding refugee children’s plights.

Alternative communication methods such as arts and music are a powerful way of involving children in advocacy. On a continent where children are not encouraged to express themselves verbally, alternative methods of communication can unlock their experiences and views of the world, and help adults to understand their concerns. These methods of communication are also proving to have substantial healing power for traumatised children.  Through this programme, the RCP will work with children and youth to introduce children to the arts and music and allow them to express themselves and be heard on a broader platform

These activities provide opportunities for young people to develop within the youth programme and to become future group leaders. We are expecting to involve at least 10 to 30 schools in Johannesburg city. The programme will start in Grade 8 and continues until Grade 12. We are targeting at least 100 to 300 young people to be enrolled in the programme with at least 10 youth leaders.


Life Skills Programme for Girls and Social Cohesion

This programme is educating teenage girls, on their values and to exercise their health benefits (teenage pregnancy for the “girl child, early sexual behaviour, sexual transmission…), social cohesion, appreciation of ability and enjoyment. It’s also a centre of knowledge sharing and reflection on career fields, occupations and job opportunities. Different topics are dealt in, in group discussions. Teenage girls will know and understand issues such as diversity, discrimination, xenophobia, race, religion, languages etc…

It’s a pillar of the wellbeing and harmony of a child in society. It tries to bring people together, to better understand each other, with tolerance to leave in harmony. This programme conducts series of community dialogues and discussions with school going children.

A team of RCP social workers and interns are leading this programme and targets different schools with an influx of refugee children. Over 400 girls have participated on this programme.

Recreation and Holiday Programme for school children

As part of the programme, RCP is organising various holiday trips for children and youth, especial refugees who do not have anything to occupy them during the school holidays. This programme is to keep them busy while exploring the world beyond them. Also psycho-counselling is offored as part og this programme which help children and youth to heal their traumats that they ight have been experienced during the contlicts in thier home countriers. Different activities are also organized under the programme, such as excursions, sport activities etc...

This programme brings new hope to the lives of refugee children and helps them to be integrated easily in South African communities by living same life style just as local communities.