Our Values

Focus on Rights

RCP believes that its strategic objectives can be achieved only through fulfilment of the social, economic, political, civil and cultural rights of all people.


Short-Term Intervention, Long-Term Change

RCP’s direct services are vital to remedy the specific problems faced by refugee women and children. But RCP also recognises that there is a need for more sustainable support than direct interventions and have been advancing the principle of long-term change through its CRMP project.


Our advocacy work is aimed at influencing change in public policy at local, national and international level in order to enhance and broaden the impact of RCP’s interventions. Through strategically directed empowerment interventions, RCP will enable refugee women and children to benefit from policy changes, facilitating their access to basic necessities over the longer term.


Democracy, Governance and the Rule of Law

As well as creating opportunities to protect and advance refugee women’s and children’s economic, social, political and cultural rights, the advocacy program promotes the development of democracy, good governance and the rule of law. It is our belief that improvement in these areas is crucial to the realisation of human rights for all people, and especially those of vulnerable groups.