The main purpose of RCP is to promote the rights of children, women and families while contributing to human development, integrated social and economic and facilitating peace by working with civil society, including faith-based associations of all tendencies and groups of populations in each locality of the DRC. RCP prioritizes actions to promote the rights of children, women, and families, as well as other actions that empower the less fortunate people to get back on their feet and empower themselves. In order for RCP to provide guidance and leadership within the children’s sector in DR Congo, it will address six thematic areas within a comprehensive programme framework. These areas and their strategic goals are:

  • Advancing Children Rights through the promotion of Early Childhood Development, Extra-Curriculum and Enhanced Access to Basic Education Programmes
  • Child Protection and Anti-Child Labour Campaign Programme
  • Women and Girls Empowerment Program (Women and Girls Access to Justice Initiative, Small Business Training and Development Project for Women and Micro-Finance Project for Women)
  • Promoting Sustainable Poverty Alleviation Strategies through Food Security, Nutrition and Family Gardening Projects
  • Health and Nutrition Programme: No child under the age of five dies from preventable disease, and all children in DR Congo grow healthily and have long-term good health.