Our Strategic Objectives

To achieve the above vision and mission, RCP aims to fulfill the following strategic objectives:

  • To integrate refugee women and children into local communities by removing some of the barriers to their local integration in order to facilitate them to access to basic services in their host countries;
  • To achieve sustainable impacts on the lives of refugee and migrant children through dialogue, advocacy and training targeting their structural conditions, social position and access to children’s rights;
  • To develop avenues through which refugee children and youth may speak to one another, their communities, and those in power
  • To develop and implement innovative, cost-effective and integrated intervention Programs that meet the needs of refugee women and children and facilitate their easy integration into local societies;
  • To provide essential services critical to the successful integration of refugee women and children into local societies;
  • To advocate for friendly domestic and international policies and legislation to meet the ever-changing needs of refugee women and children;
  • To contribute to the effort to put refugee and migrant children on the public agenda in South Africa, and, to that end, exert pressure where the political will is absent and provide support where it exists,
  • To create awareness on a range of issues those directly or indirectly affect refugees in general and refugee women and children in particular;
  • To promote the optimum care and development of refugee and migrant women and children who find themselves in circumstances that place their physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development at risk.