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We are working with refugee women, children and other disadvantaged communities in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Polokwane, Musina, Gauteng, and throughout South Africa and Africa as well as in America and Europe. title. Child refugee rights, facilitatting access to education

Child Refugee Rights

Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation – Central Africa

War tears at every fiber of society, but conflict doesn't have to be violent to harm communities. RCP works to not only help families rebuild after the destruction of war, but also manage friction points and find solutions so shots are never fired. Our program focuses on returning soldiers to their communities, education, training, health, and infrastructure development. RCP is also working to bring together people from different communities and ethnic groups through sports, the arts, media, community associations, conferences and gatherings. We use sports in our programs to promote peace, reconciliation, health awareness, accelerate psychological healing in east of Congo, and further social inclusion and cohesion.

In Central Africa, RCP has been working on an exciting, community-led peace building programme in a number of selected countries such as DR Congo, Burundi, Uganda, Central Africa Republic, and South Sudan. We are training community and religious leaders to build the capacity of their skills in peace building, trauma, conflict resolution, mediation and conflict reconciliation.

We target very disadvantaged, diverse areas, where different communities, religions and tribes converge. Through a mixture of storytelling, role-play and community meetings, we have been able to establish better lines of communication and understanding between different groups, which helps break down barriers and alleviate tensions. Then, the provision of skills training will give people confidence and an ability to make money to provide for themselves and their loved ones.