Basic Needs for Child Refugee

Food Distribution for refugee children

Meeting the the basic needs of refugee children and their families

RCP helps to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable refugee women and children. The program provides a comprehensive food parcel to refugee women and children, clothes and other basic needs such as shelter, assistance with school uniforms, transport costs and other schooling items.

In terms of direct support provided to refugee and migrant families facing dire economic constraints in the host country, RCP facilitates integration by providing:

  • Distribution of monthly food parcels, 
  • Distribution non-foods items, such as clothes, blankets, and other essential items;
  • Provision of Shelter for refugee children, women and unaccompanied minors through our partner organisations;
  • Distribution of school materials and other educational requirements to refugee and migrant children;
  • Psycho-Social counselling and Home to Home Visit and Support;
  • Access to sports and other recreational and educational activities 

Women receiving their food parcels
Food Parcels for refugee families
Food parcels for refugee children
Children receiving their food parcels
Monthly Food Parcels
Children and his father receiving their food parcels