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Early Childhood Development Centre

Since 2012, RCP has established a new ECD Centre in Yeoville, Johannesburg, which provides early education and care to children both refugee and local children. The services provided by ECD are free of charge to those who are from vulnerable families and cannot afford to pay for ECD fees. Read More...

School Uniforms distribution Programme

Facilitating Access to Education and Academic Support

An asylum seeker or refugee child cannot be refused access to education or other services at public schools because he (she) is the holder of a refugee asylum seeker or refugee status. RCP advocates, on behalf of children, especial refugees, for their enrolment in public schools. Each year, RCP assists over 200 children, Read More...

Tailoring Programme for refugee women
Skills Development and Entrepreneurial Training

RCP runs a vocational skills centre for women, which assists 20 women and girls annually. The objective of the program is to empower refugee women and teenage girls, with different skills, and enhance women’s confidence, self-esteem, improve their occupational business and entrepreneurship skills. It helps them generate income, to build better lives for their families; and give them hope and opportunities, after experiencing many challenges in their host country. Read More...

Food distribution Program

Distribution of Monthly Food Parcels

The programme assists refugee, new comer’s families and families with children in need, especial children living with their grandparents or caregivers, with emergency food parcels for a period of three months. Most of these families live in rented rooms, inside the flats or back rooms and have no food gardens. Every month, RCP distributes food parcels to more than 50 families. Read More...

Recreational programe for refugee Children in Johannesburg

Children and Youth Development Programme

As part of this programme, RCP is organising various holiday trips for children and children, especial refugees who do not have anything to occupy them during the school holidays. The programme seeks to occupy children and youth while helping them with trauma that they might experience during the conflicts in thier home countries. Various activities are being organized under this programme, such as excursions, sport and games activities, group discussion and arts and cultures etc... Read More...

Refugee children in the Gauteng Partliamen

Advocacy for the Rights of Refugee Children

RCP advocates for consistently lobby for making public schools more accessible for refugee children and asylum seeker children in South Africa, through the reduction of school fees and the elimination of other costs. RCP argues that user fees are a major obstacle to access to education for refugee children in South Africa, which some of the school principals use fees’ payment to deny education to refugee children. Read More...

Outdoor play for Children
The Crèche and Early Childhood Education program: RCP has established an Early Childhood Development Centre since 2012 with great support from Kinderfonds MAMAS Netherlands. Read More...
Youth development programme
Advancing the Rights of Refugee Children and their families in SA: RCP advocates vigorously for laws, policies and programs to improve the lives and protect the rights of refugee and internally displaced children, including those seeking asylum. Read More...
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Commemorating World Refugee Day 2016

Press Statement, June 20, 2016        

Refugee Children’s Project (RCP) is a charity organisation, with a mission of peaceful integrating refugees into the South African society. Read More..

Early Childhood Programme
Children in the Centre

Refugee Children's Project - RCP

The Refugee Children’s Project (RCP) is an advocacy and relief organisation with more than 14 years of experience in working with refugee children by supporting, protecting and promoting their social justice, human rights and their access to basic resources and services for vulnerable refugee women and children. Its specific focus on children and their primary caregivers distinguishes RCP from other organisations assisting, protecting and advocating on behalf of refugees and migrants. RCP is independent of government and international institutions, and therefore offers an unbiased and impartial voice in advocating for its beneficiaries’ human rights, dignity and access to resources and services. Read Moe...

RCP believes that no child should be rejected, neglected or discriminated as a result of poverty or any other circumstances.

RCP works to ensure that vulnerable children get proper education, protection, access to healthcare, food, and also other basic needs necessary for their development. We also work to protect women’ rights and equip them with proper vocational skills training in order to be able to participate in decision making process and at same time be able to take care of their children. We are also working to save their lives; promote their rights, and improve their future through long term & sustainable programmes. RCP programmes is making a big difference to the lives of women and children living in a vulnerable situation in Africa.

ECD Centre for refugee children
Children visiting Rand Airport in Johannesburg
Visit of Children at Rand Airport, Johannesburg
Food Distribution Program for refugees
Food Parcels Distribution Programme by RCP

COVID 19 Support: Families queuing outside RCP offices during lockdown to receive food donations from RCP

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